Teaching Facilities - Rates for Use of Facilities

Rates for NUS Staff

Facility Capacity Rates (before GST)
Seminar Room or
Tutorial Room
30-110 First 3 hrs - S$45 (S$75)
Subseq. hr - S$15 (S$25) per hr
LT20, 21, 22, 24 150 - 180 First 2 hrs - S$120
Subseq. hr - S$72 per hr
LT23, 33, 34
LT31 (only FOS staff can book)
200 - 250 First 2 hrs - S$140
Subseq. hr - S$84 per hr
LT25, 26, 32 350 - 400 First 2 hrs - S$160
Subseq. hr - S$96 per hr
LT27 630 First 2 hrs - S$220
Subseq. hr - S$132 per hr
S16 Foyer 60 First 2 hrs - S$75
Subseq. hr - S$45 per hr
LT25 Foyer 200 First 2 hrs - S$140
Subseq. hr - S$84 per hr

Rates for NUS Student Organizations
(not applicable to Science Club, CBLC, Triple Helix NUS Chapter)

Facility Capacity Rates (before GST)
Seminar Room or Tutorial Room 30-110 S$12 per hr
LT 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 32, 33, 34 150 - 630 S$22 per hr
S16 Foyer 60 FOC
LT25 Foyer 200 FOC
  • Amount in brackets refers to rates after office hours.
  • No charge for official use by NUS staff for academic duties. All other bookings will be charged according to rates.
  • LT25 can CCTV to LT24 and LT26, LT27 can CCTV to LT26.
  • The use of the foyers is from 8 am to 10 pm (latest).
  • Student may book LT only after 6 pm during term time.

Rates for Additional Equipment

Equipment Rates per Day (before GST)
Extra Microphone S$10 per pc
Cordless Microphone S$65 per pc
Laser Pointer S$10
Extra OHP S$40
Slide Projector S$45
VCD / DVD Player S$50
either LT24 or LT26 from LT25;
both LT24 and LT26 from LT25

CCTV to LT26 from LT27 S$600

Technical Service Charges

Free 15 minutes of technical service would be provided for bookings made for weekdays usage and within office hours. Additional service would be charged at the rates as follows:

  • During Office Hours (Mon-Thur 0830-1800, Fri 0830-1730)

    $30 per hour per technician (minimum 1 hour) applicable to both NUS departments and student organizations.

  • After Office Hours, on Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays

    $60 per hour per technician PLUS honourarium claim with a 4-hour minimum charge (i.e. $60+12.75 per hour per technician on weekdays and $60+17 per hour per technician on Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays).

    For technical support after office hours, charges will take effect from 6 pm onwards on Mondays to Thursdays, from 5.30 pm onwards on Fridays, and throughout the whole day on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.

    All charges will be rounded up to the next 1 hour and subjected to the prevailing GST rate.